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Monday Motivation

Hopefully I won’t continue to fail at blogging as the week wears on, but for now, here are my latest finds on Pinterest. I don’t know about you all, but since Monday’s about to hit me like a ton of … Continue reading

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The Tonight Show Taping

Thanks to the brief moment of my life where I was in the right place (on Twitter) at the right time, I scored some tickets to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for last Thursday’s show. Couldn’t have been more … Continue reading

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Pizza, pizza!

Due to a busy morning and, per the schedule, what looked like it was going to be a busy afternoon, yesterday I planned to take a short lunch break. Because I like to pretend I’m tiny and wealthy, I usually … Continue reading

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It’s a Sunshine Day

Oh hai there. Some things (such suspense in the vagueness) have yet again taken precedence away from updating this old thing the past few weeks, so for that I apologize. I can’t on-the-record promise this or next week will be … Continue reading

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Cafe Grumpy Review

As a follow-up from yesterday’s heavy post, I did want to thank those of you who reached out. I really appreciate all of the warm thoughts and prayers you guys are offering up on behalf of Kourtney’s family and friends, and know … Continue reading

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An Upper East Goodbye

I did my last walk-around the neighb today. This week has been consumed with getting my life together, so I wanted to experience, for the last time as a resident, some of the things that made me love calling the … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Apartment

Hi hi hi! Happy Monday from an insane person. Why insane, you ask? Well, some part of my brain thought it was an excellent idea to schedule my first improv performance, my first Winter Ball, my second move to the … Continue reading

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I’m Sick of Discussing the Weather so I’ll Blog about it Instead

I hope all of you 9-to-5ers spent your Presidents’ Day (the extra day off you just had) the right way: day-drinking thinking about our country’s fine leaders. Like always, I spent my weekend working and avoiding any and all possible … Continue reading

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Lists, Loves & Links

Ugh, it’s definitely a Friday. AmIright?! Here’s your delivery of this week’s lusty links. Enjoy your weekend! New York related: Coffee shop subway map. NYers love their cup of joe. 44 things you learn after moving to NYC. Pretty accurate. Interesting! … Continue reading

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A Photo Shoot in Carl Schurz Park

Since I’m going to moving neighborhoods in the near future, I’m trying to get my fill of exploring the Upper East Side in the next few weeks. On a recent day off, I stumbled upon Carl Schurz Park along the … Continue reading

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